PLUGG – Smart Charging Solution

PLUGG is an innovative sizable wheel system. It is able to produce electrical power either from pulling or pushing your “moving tool”, such as:

  • trolley/luggage,
  • stroller,
  • shopping cart,
  • rolling backpack
  • so on.

PLUGG’s system is composed by a set of wheels, an electronical device made of a control board and a battery pack, that enables energy storage making it possible to be used when needed.


Other than money, time is the only variable each person cannot manage. While you travel either for work or leisure, there are two things that happen most frequently:
– If you miss to recharge any device’s battery and need power, you mostly waste time to recharge it instead of going around or working in an easy way.

– If you miss to buy a plug adapter while you are into another country, you still waste your time looking for it.